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Greece - Wildfires (ECHO 07 Jul 2022)
Pubdate: 7/7/2022 11:35:00 AM
  • Several wildfires have reportedly broken out across Greece, favoured by high temperatures and increased wind intensity as well as low relative humidity rates.
  • One wildfire started on 3 July near Portes village in Achaia Region (north-west Peloponnese Peninsula) and prompted the evacuations of several communities. Another wildfire started burning near Itea, in the municipality of Delphi (central Greece). Residents of the North part of Itea, as well as a convent near Amfissa, were asked to leave their premises as a precaution measure. The Arachova-Amfissa road section was closed. A state of emergency was declared in the municipal units of Amfissa, Itea and Delphi.
  • According to the Greek Civil Protection, 41 forest fires broke out across Greece on 5-6 July.  The Commission's Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service was activated on 5 July for Portes () and Itea () to assist the work of agencies involved in fire fighting operations and managing damage assessments. 
  • According to the European Forest Fire Information System (JRC-EFFIS), the fire risk will be high to extreme on 7-8 July in most of Greece.

(7/7/2022 9:37:03 AM - 7/8/2022 9:30:03 AM)