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Hopes emergency pods will be ready for the next East Coast weather event

2023-01-12T03:33+0100Stuff (en)

As Tairāwhiti works to clean up the chaos left in the wake of Cyclone Hale , iwi, government and council are looking towards the future of emergency management. The Tairāwhiti Marae Resilience and Emergency Preparedness project will see 20 emergency pods stationed across the rohe this year, filled....

Summer of discontent: Cyclone Hale blows away - but more rain is on the way

2023-01-12T02:02+0100newstalkzb (en)

A vicious cyclone that has battered large parts of the North Island is headed out the door, according to MetService - but we’re not under blue skies yet. Ex Cyclone Hale dumped heavy rain in the Coromandel and caused surface flooding in Whangārei, as storm damage left homes without power and seaside reserves submerged in water.

Live: Part of Auckland gets month’s rain in day, Gisborne told to ‘prepare to evacuate’ 4 minutes ago

2023-01-10T01:43+0100newstalkzb (en)

Auckland’s north and Northland have been hit by nearly a month’s worth of rain in the past 24 hours as ex-Cyclone Hale strikes, Metservice says. Some Gisborne residents are being told to “prepare to evacuate” with conditions being described as being worse than Cyclone Bola. A rain model is showing that the Hikuwai River could peak at 13.

Weather: Cyclone Hale hits: Auckland’s north gets month’s rain in 24 hours, Gisborne residents told to ‘prepare to evacuate’

2023-01-10T01:40+0100nzherald (en)

“We need to open the valves into waterways to avoid wastewater overflows into people’s homes and through manholes on the street, which can cause health risks.” The North Island is being hammered by the rapidly-moving ex-Cyclone Hale and forecasters are eyeing its move towards Auckland where....

Cyclone Hale live: Flooding impacts roads around North Island

2023-01-10T01:06+0100tvnz (en)

12.30pm: Vehicles have become trapped due to flooding near Wellsford north of Auckland. Vehicles stuck in floodwater near Wellsford on January 10 (Source: Erwin Veer) Vehicle stuck in floodwaters near Wellsford. (Source: Elevated Media) 12.11pm: A photo sent in by René Koke shows seaweed and driftwood washing up on Pāuanui Beach in the Coromandel.

Live: Cyclone Hale lashes North Island, rescuers pluck trio from surging river 41 minutes ago

2023-01-09T21:45+0100newstalkzb (en)

Ex Cyclone Hale is dumping heavy rain in the Coromandel and causing surface flooding in Whangārei - which is expected to cop a month’s worth of rain in a single day. Street drains are overflowing and winds are picking up as Whangārei cops the worst of the blustery former cyclone’s wrath.

Weather: Cyclone Hale hits North Island - heavy rain strikes Coromandel, Auckland warning, gale-force winds, huge swells forecast

2023-01-09T19:18+0100nzherald (en)

MetService Severe weather: January 9th - 10th Wind-blown rain has started to hammer the Coromandel Peninsula this morning after weathering a stormy 12 hours as ex-tropical Cyclone Hale slams into the region. Streets drains are running high and a mist is enveloping holiday hotspot Whitianga as the....

Cyclone Hale: Parts of North Island to take direct hit today, heavy rain, gale-force winds and huge swells forecast

2023-01-09T17:11+0100nzherald (en)

MetService Severe weather: January 9th - 10th Fresh weather warning were issued last night as Cyclone Hale bore down on the country, with parts of the North Island in the firing line today for torrential rain, flooding, huge sea swells and gale-force winds.

6m waves to pummel coast: Heavy rain, communities on evacuation standby 4 hours ago

2023-01-09T02:11+0100newstalkzb (en)

East Coast settlements are being warned they may be cut off for days with Civil Defence urging North Island residents to keep an eye on the approaching storm with fears of widespread flooding and beaches hammered by dangerous 6m swells. Everyone in the Coromandel is being warned to take shelter by....

'It will hit hard': Flood warnings for Coromandel, more heavy rain for North Island ahead of Cyclone Hale

2023-01-08T21:23+0100newstalkzb (en)

New Zealand’s first tropical storm of 2023 is expected to wreak more havoc across the North Island early this week - and there are fears heavy rain could batter Gisborne and Coromandel from tonight. MetService said people should keep up to date with forecasts as more severe weather warnings and....

Hurricane Ian memorial removed in Fort Myers, but that's not the end of its story

2023-01-06T16:17+0100tcpalm (en)

memorial wall has been taken down in Fort Myers’ Centennial Park, but that won’t be the last time you can visit its photos, flowers and other emotional tributes. The wall will live again in an upcoming series of art installations in government-owned buildings, says Liz Bello-Matthews, spokeswoman for the City of Fort Myers.

Bomb Cyclone Leaves Seven Dead, 1.2 Million Without Power

2023-01-06T00:18+0100dailycaller (en)

The “bomb cyclone” slamming the northeastern U.S. has left more than 1.2 million people without power and, so far, been blamed for at least seven deaths. Federal and state officials have warned residents to stay indoors and wait out the storm. It will likely take crews several days to restore power....

Atmospheric River, Bomb Cyclone, More Weather Words To Know In 2023

2023-01-05T19:35+0100patch (en)

Warning: A warning is issued while hazardous weather is occurring, imminent or likely, and means weather conditions pose a threat to life or property. Advisory: An advisory is also issued while hazardous weather is occurring, imminent or likely, but for conditions that are less serious than those....

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