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noviembre 18, 2020 'Redes fantasma’: un fenómeno ligado a la pobreza que dispara los rescates de tortugas en Baleares

2023-02-09T19:38+0100lanetaneta (es)

No solo se trata del impacto de las inundaciones causadas por la subida del mar y los temporales. Los puertos, infraestructuras vitales para el desarrollo económico de cualquier país, también están amenazados por otros efectos del cambio climático, como los fuertes vientos y las altas temperaturas....

Los terremotos que más muertes causaron en la historia

2023-02-08T15:48+0100telam (es)

El tsunami del sudeste asiático causó olas de 30 metros a 700 km por hora. 2004: 230.000 muertos en el sudeste asiático El 26 de diciembre de 2004, un terremoto de magnitud 9,1 frente a las costas de Sumatra ( Indonesia ) provocó un gigantesco tsunami que mató a más de 230.000 personas en las costas de diez países del sudeste de Asia, 170.

Experts also agreed that climate change would lead to unstable weather that affected dams, particularly through erosion in upstream areas caused by extreme rainfall....

2023-02-06T09:51+0100sinchew (en)

The Jatiluhur Dam in West Java. Experts warn that dams in both Indonesia and the Philippines, crucial for irrigation, drinking water and electricity generation, may face increased strain as climate change brings unpredictable and high-precipitation weather patterns.

Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 861: Distribution of Enhanced Potentially Toxic Element Contaminations Due to Natural and Coexisting Gold Mining Activities Using Planet Smallsat Constellations

2023-02-03T12:17+0100mdpi (en)

Potentially toxic elements (PTEs) from natural and anthropogenic activities threaten the environment and human health. The associations of PTEs with natural hazards can be powerful and prominent mechanisms to release PTEs, considerably hastening their multiple contaminations and widespread distribution.

We must combat water shortages, plastic pollution in Sabah

2023-02-01T09:04+0100themalaysianinsight (en)

THERE is an urgent need for water in many parts of the world, and this need has far-reaching effects. The increased use of bottled water is one way that a water shortage contributes to plastic pollution. People may start purchasing mineral water as a safer and more dependable source of hydration, as....

Environmental and health protection: the 7 things Google does with AI

2023-01-17T17:52+0100breakinglatest (en)

The question comes back constantly, and with increasing insistence starting from the last months of 2022, every time we write (or speak) of ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion or any other generative AI . She comes back despite the fact that the answer has already been given several times: “But when does Google come out of her?”.

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