M 6.8 in Japan on 01 May 2021 01:27 UTC

The list of all calculations completed triggered by the system and users referred to event
M6.8 in Japan, on 01 May 2021 01:27 UTC

realtime6 m6.77838.08141.960
realtime7 m6.65638.1141.80
realtime8 m6.78538.02142.20
realtime9 m6.65638.1141.80
realtime13 m6.78038.37141.420
realtime13 m6.663.938.17141.620
realtime15 m6.76538.18141.620
realtime19 m6.847.338.2296141.66460.08
realtime19 m6.847.338.2296141.6646strike=180.88 dip=21.46 rake=75.110.08
realtime19 m6.847.338.2296141.6646strike=16.82 dip=69.29 rake=95.770.07
realtime23 m6.76038.33141.610

Tsunami affected locations

Initial conditions