M 6.2 in Papua New Guinea on 09 Feb 2020 06:04 UTC

The list of all calculations completed triggered by the system and users referred to event
M6.2 in Papua New Guinea, on 09 Feb 2020 06:04 UTC

realtime8 m6.210-5.42152.130.09
realtime18 m6.231.29-5.4509152.09830.05
realtime15.3 h 6.231.29-5.4509152.0983strike=264.49 dip=32.57 rake=141.960
realtime15.3 h 6.231.29-5.4509152.0983strike=27.89 dip=70.63 rake=63.30
realtime1 d6.231.29-5.4509152.0983strike=269.08 dip=27.06 rake=143.450
realtime1 d6.231.29-5.4509152.0983strike=32.51 dip=74.28 rake=67.680

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