Satellite Mapping and Information Products

In this GDACS session, a set of standard information products that support the analysis and decision making, both in the preparedness phase and in first disaster phase, is gathered.

In the first phase after major disasters, international actors always require the same information to support the decision making process. In doing so, the mobilization assistance can be adequate. In the first disaster phase, during exercises as well as in real emergencies, the same information (e.g. satellite maps, impact estimations, etc.) is collected by a variety of actors. This might lead to a duplication of efforts and potential information overload.

This session aims to improve the GDACS standard “information product” catalogue that contains products that are always required (or requested) by various disaster managers and other key players. It is based on relevant products produced for different scenarios and disaster phases, such as catalogues from UNOSAT, JRC, MapAction, and others that have been widely used and assessed.


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(129.6km/h)  26 Nov 00:00
(185.2km/h)  23 Nov 18:00
(259.3km/h)  18 Nov 15:00
(213km/h)  15 Nov 06:00
(240.7km/h)  13 Nov 09:00
Central-Western Europe-2020
  20 Oct 00:00
Malawi - North Mozambique-2020
  20 Oct 00:00
Mainland Southeast Asia-2019
  20 Oct 00:00
Rondonia - Mato Grosso (Brazil)-2019
  10 Aug 15:27
  20 Jul 00:00
Ireland and UK-2020
  12 Jun 17:47
Zambezi Basin-2018
  24 Mar 16:37
Central America-2019
  03 Mar 14:37
  24 Oct 13:47
(296.3km/h)  09 Sep 03:00
India and Sri Lanka-2019
  26 Aug 13:37
  01 Aug 10:47
Central India-2019
  02 Jul 09:17

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