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India - Monsoon rains, update (ECHO 07 Jul 2022)
Pubdate: 7/7/2022 11:35:00 AM
  • Heavy monsoon rains continue to affect several States of India, triggering landslides, causing widespread flooding, and a number of severe weather-related incidents that have resulted in casualties and widespread damage.
  • On 6 July, flash floods in Chojh and Bhunter Towns (central Himachal Pradesh State, northern India) resulted in three fatalities, while four persons are missing. 
  • As of 6 July, the monsoon season in India has caused 767 fatalities (of which 184 in Assam, 179 in Himachal Pradesh, 65 in Maharashtra, and 55 in Madhya Pradesh), as reported by the National Emergency Response Centre (NDMI). At least 75 people are currently missing, and about 1,220 individuals sustained injuries.
  • About 751,200 people have been evacuated to 4,200 relief camps mostly located in Assam, which is one of the worst affected States.
  • On 7-8 July, heavy to very heavy rainfall with strong winds is forecast over central-western India, including the States of Gujarat, western Maharashtra, and Goa.

(7/7/2022 9:37:03 AM - 7/8/2022 9:30:03 AM)